Founded in 2005
on October 6th

On October the 6th, BBnc was founded by Hilde Bousard and Peter Beke. Ever since we are specialised in networks and security but also databases and OS were our specialities.

Today our core business
is consulting

We help you to change from an old computer infrastructure towards a new, up to date ICT strategie. Count on us to help you realize this transformation.

Security and GDPR
are our concern

We can consult you on security and GDPR issues or we can help you to implement all of this. But we also give lectures about security and GDPR themes.

server room


We can advice and help you on how to implement a DRP stategie for your server room.

cloud computing

In the cloud

Are you looking for an efficient and long term strategie based on cloud computing, then we can help you.